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Looking The Perfect Barn Door ….

Rustic Arrow Barn Door w/Metal

Sliding barn doors are increasing in popularity, for every room in the house – the possibilities are endless for this beautiful alternative to the traditional door. Sliding barn door track are a great solution for rooms with a tight layout. And unlike pocket doors, you don’t have to tear open a wall to install one.

Classic Grey Zee Design

The look is totally up to you, with so many types of hardware and door variations – you can customize to fit your tastes, and yes, it can be a fairly easy do it yourself project.

However, there are a couple of other things you need to keep in mind before installing:

Making Room

Your  new  door will take up the width of the door and casing x 2 – so it’s important to ensure that you have the wall space for when the door is open, make sure there’s nothing in the way like light switches or vents that will be covered up.



Handling the Weight

Consider the fact you’ll have a hefty slab of wood balanced with powerful hardware.  Houzz cautions “while all modern homes are built with sufficient framing, older homes, additions and arched doorways should be double-checked before you start drilling.”  Studs are not enough, make sure your wall can handle the weight. “At every interval that you will be attaching the barn door track,  you should have either a stud or a wood block underneath the drywall to add sufficient support. Drywall anchors are not advised in lieu of wood blocking, because they are not made to withstand heavy use and can potentially come out of the wall.”

Single Arrow Distressed Stain Finish

Privacy Needed

Although these doors look fantastic and will certainly enhance the decor, they really aren’t meant for every room.  Consider the fact that the door essentially hovers over the opening, and doesn’t “seal”  the opening like a conventional door, this may not be the best option for a bathroom or rooms where privacy is preferred.  Also keep in mind that single-hung doors are not meant for locking, and trying to add a lock could prove problematic.  There are some new great hardware available for locking, but they are not your typical door locks 🙂

Creating the Look

As mentioned previously, there are so many options for the look of your door.  From reclaimed wood, to old doors, even glass:  choose a door that not only fits the look of your home but the purpose of the room.

Consider the Hardware

What truly sets the Sliding Barn Door apart is the hardware.  Whether you go for oversize wheels, or sliding door hardware kits you can get at the hardware store, just keep in mind the placement of the door, the overlap and how much room you have to the ceiling.










Ready?   Give us call or send us an email to  We will get you started on your road to a new sliding barn door.



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The Beauty of a Barn Door

Barn Doors have moved out of the farmyard and into the house a long time ago. Recently, however, they have become an even more popular and useful feature in residential design. It’s not hard to see why.

Many homeowners hear the term ‘barn door’ and think of reclaimed, rustic wood, which may not be a look they’re interested in.  But contemporary barn doors offer many more aesthetic choices than their traditional image suggests. We’ve noticed a trend toward the use of solid, fine-milled hardwoods like walnut and cherry for sliding doors, which not only gives them satisfying heft but is also a great way to bring the warmth and character of natural wood into an interior.

We’ve installed hardwood barn doors in many projects, both in the city and the country. They provide a lot of decorative interest, particularly hung in pairs.

Along with their decorative qualities, barn doors often provide a functional alternative to conventional swing doors. Barn doors, either singly or in pairs, offer a simple and effective way to divide large spaces — a kitchen from a living-dining area, for example.   They can create instant separation and privacy in even the most open-plan house, which allows for greater flexibility in daily use.

A traditional door can use up to nine square feet of space, which is a lot in city apartments where every inch counts.  A barn door only takes up a sliver of floor, making it a terrific solution in tight situations such as hallways and narrow rooms. You just need enough adjacent wall footage to slide the door over.

Barn doors offer economic advantages, too. While pocket doors have similar space-saving benefits, installing them requires wall reconstruction — a messy and expensive business. Because barn doors run on hardware installed outside the frame, they need no such preparatory construction, saving time and money. And the tracks themselves are part of the doors’ decorative appeal.

There’s a terrific selection of barn-door hardware available.  For a more rustic or industrial statement, think blackened iron or raw steel, both of which look powerfully graphic against natural or painted wood.

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