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Benefits of Sliding Barn Doors

We have had amazing weather this week – summer is not just ready to fade away into fall.    Fall is coming though and many people have turned their thoughts to updating interiors or small renovations.

What are the benefits of sliding barn doors?

  • Sliding doors save space by eliminating the room needed for door swings
  • They create a focal point and can make a statement for a home or office.
  • Unique doors looks great when they’re not in use, so they can be left open and not be in the way
  • They provide a contrast of materials and create interest for a commonly boring and forgotten element of the home
  • The greatest benefit is that a sliding door is so much more than just a door.  It is functional art!

How do I know which sliding door application will work best for my space?

There are three common applications; single, bi-parting, and bypass doors.  The most common sliding door application is a single door that slides either left or right.  This works great for smaller or standard openings assuming you have enough room for the door to slide in one direction.  This is also a great option for much larger openings assuming you have a wall large enough to accommodate the open door.


Another option is bi-parting doors.  This option is most common for larger openings or applications where you don’t have enough room for a single door to slide.  This is the case in the photos below where the opening is centered and the doors open in opposite directions so that they can be ‘stored’ on either side of the opening.

The final option is bypass doors.  This application is great for areas where barn doors are desired but there isn’t adequate room on either side of the opening for the door to slide.  In this application, the doors overlap and slide over one another so that half of the opening is accessible at any time.  This is a more complicated and expensive solution, but is often times the only possibility if a pair of doors are necessary or strongly desired.



What are the most common rooms or areas for a sliding door?

Although, we’ve installed sliding doors in many different residential and commercial applications, here are some of the most popular areas/rooms:

  • Formal Dining/Entry
  • Hall Closet
  • Laundry Room
  • Theatre Room
  • Master Closet
  • Kitchen/Pantry (Shown below with Split X and built in Chalkboard)
  • Master Bathroom
  • Offices
  • Commercial and Business Applications – Sliding doors have also been very popular in area business for use in offices, exam rooms, break rooms, conference rooms, and even to make a statement in the reception area.

So now are you ready to add a single barn door to your home?   Drop us a line by email or give us a shout.  Don’t forget to share with us the size of your opening, style you are looking and finish.  We drop you back an email with details and/or a written quote.  Need inspiration, peak at our sliding barn door page for examples of previous installations.


In the meantime, enjoy this awesome weather!